bookkeeping and payroll

Accurate Bookkeeping & Payroll Work for Olds

To the POYNT Accounting Inc. will provide bookkeeping services at an hourly rate. Our services involve recording all your financial transactions so nothing will be missed or forgotten when it comes to your year-end review.

Your job as a customer of ours is to provide the appropriate documents outlined in the bookkeeping checklist below. With that information, our job is to provide you, the client, with the tabulated information you require to pay your payroll deductions, GST, and corporate or personal taxes on time.

  • All bank statements for each month with all corresponding receipts
  • Copies of your insurance policies for the month
  • List of capital assets as well as any receipts for assets that have been bought or sold during the month
  • List of your inventory (if applicable) that you counted at the end of the month. Please indicate the date at which the inventory was counted if you are requesting monthly financial statements.
  • Copies of all invoicing for the month
  • Copies of all supplier invoiced and statements for the month, even if the supplier has not been paid
  • Copies of all statements for any government accounts, including GST, payroll deductions, and federal and provincial corporate tax accounts
  • Copies of any loan documents or lease agreements
  • For payroll services, you should provide us with the pay period dates and payday date, a copy of each employee’s time sheet (if paid hourly), signed TD1s for the year for each employee, a copy of the employee benefits invoices and the employer/employee terms of employment. You should allow us a 2 day (weekdays only) window for processing.